Event Lighting Oak Brook IL

MJ Unique Events offers a wide variety of Oak Brook IL wedding & Oak Brook IL event lighting options for any occasion! We offer a number of great choices for whatever you envision for your special event.

Whether you want to dance on a cloud, create the illusion of a starry night sky or use pin spots to accent focal points in the room, let MJ Unique Events help in every step of your event planning!

Event Lighting for any Oak Brook Event


Pin Spots Oak Brook IL
Do you want to put emphasis on your wedding cake table? Would your Oak Brook corporate guests love it if  you highlighted the awards at your banquet? Use pin spots from MJ Unique Events to do just that! Our Oak Brook Lighting solutions can help bring any dream to life.

These small spotlights can help accentuate an area of your Oak Brook event. Have the pin spot follow you as you take your first dance as man and wife or bring attention to your speaker at a Oak Brook corporate function. Not only can pin spots add a professional touch to your event, but they can be fun, too!




Uplighting Oak Brook IL
Transform any space with Oak Brook uplighting! Our lighting Oak Brook experts will help use the most current LED technology to create the perfect ambience for your event.

Depend on MJ Unique Events to provide the largest color options and quality lighting to your party! Whether you want rosy colors for your wedding or colors matching your company’s logo for your corporate function, we can find the right options for your event! MJ Unique Events has the highest in quality for event lighting Oak Brook IL.

We use economical LED bulbs that are cool to the touch. You can rest easy knowing our lights will not overheat.

Dancing under the Stars
Replicate a starry night at your Oak Brook IL wedding reception! Our Laser Starfield Projector will bring the night sky inside and project millions of points of light across your ceiling. Surprise and delight guests with this timeless décor option through our event lighting solutions!



Dancing on the Clouds
Have you always dreamed of taking your first dance on a cloud? Now you can!

Our high-quality fog machine uses dry ice to transform your dance floor into a fantasy setting. Low-lying fog will billow across the room and simulate the billowy effects of a cloud. Your guests will be delighted at this imaginative touch to your party. Let MJ Unique Events help transform your space into a dreamy atmosphere!


Custom Monogram
Imagine your name in lights! Our custom Gobo projector produces that”wow” factor that will dazzle your guests at your wedding or other event. Guests entering will see your names or special monogram displayed on the floor, ceiling or walls.




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