Even More Fun Photo Booth Props

Most people are accustomed to the traditional photo booth props, such as hats and feather boas. However, there are a number of props you can use that people don’t always consider as options in their photo booth. Try these props the next time you host a photo booth at your big event!


Fun for all ages, bubbles are easy to make and can bring out the silly side of even the staunchest of guests. Try blowing bubbles from a bottle or bring a bubble-making machine to the photo booth. See how many you can catch on camera!

The great thing about bubbles is you can purchase them for low prices or make soap bubble mix yourself! This affordable prop is relatively easy to clean up if spilled and will provide guests tons of fun even outside of the photo booth.

Silly String
Surprise guests posing in the photo booth with a spray of silly string! Capturing their looks will be a hit and inspire others to spray each other as they take photos.

Using a budget prop like silly string is relatively easy to clean up and can provide guests of all ages a fun way to prank one another throughout the night. Using silly string is inexpensive, too; you can find silly string at your local dollar store for low prices and can gather cans of silly string in a variety of colors.

Megaphones and Cones

A fun addition to your photo booth prop inventory, small megaphones and cones are great to use in substitute of hats or to pose with like a band leader. Get creative and use them in a number of ways! See how wild your guests’ photo strips turn out with this fun prop.