How to Uplight a Large Chicago Reception Space

Chicago weddings can greatly benefit from using uplighting to enhance their space. However, using a very large room for your reception space might mean your resources are stretched. Perhaps you have fewer outlets than you intended or you only have room in your budget to light certain spaces.

Here are some tips for using uplighting in a large reception space!

Select Focal Points

Rather than using uplighting on every wall, select focal points, such as the walls behind the head table or cake table, to highlight these areas. A focal point might be a better option for a larger room so they do not detract the focus on the bride and groom.

You might want to try using uplighting for your event, but try to think outside of the box. Perhaps lighting two opposing walls would be a good idea when using focal points. Experiment with your setup as you plan your big day!

Add Other Lighting Options

Rather than only using uplighting, pair this lighting possibility with other choices to make your reception spectacular! Use some other options such as pin spots and a custom monogram to accentuate your décor. Your guests will love your stylish options and be envious of your polished reception lighting!

Choose MJ Unique Events for your wedding lighting needs! We can help you with customized designs and lighting ideas that are perfect for your big day!