Wedding Favors

Aside from an excellent night of festivities and celebrations, it is common for guests to also receive a wedding favor when attending a reception. These can run the gamut from food to drink to any sort of knick knack. Having trouble deciding? Take a look at some of these cool favor ideas:

Regional: Destination weddings are tons of fun, and you’ll definitely want to thank all of your guests for making the trip for your big day! A fun way to do that would be to give them a wedding favor that reflects the area they have travelled to. If you’re having a wedding in Hawaii, consider giving your guests some beautiful sea shells. If your wedding is in Texas, a mini jar of BBQ sauce might be in order. If it’s in Vermont then maple syrup is in order!

Flora: What better way to symbolize the growth of your love then through flowers! Send your guests home with a mini cactus or aloe plant (something that is low maintenance so it doesn’t turn into a task) that is a sweet reminder around their house of your big day!

Flash drive: This gift would be good to send after the big day. Along with your thank you notes you can send a flash drive with some of the best songs and photos from the wedding that your guests can have on their computers.

Charity: While this may not come along with a tangible gift, it is a sweet sentiment to make a donation to a charity foundation in thename of your guests. At their place setting you could place a note explaining that a donation has been made in their name.


photo by Giuseppe Laiolo