What To Do With Your Dress

After the big day you are left with the conundrum of what to do with your dress. Turns out there are quite a few options and alternatives for your dress. Take a look at some of these popular ideas:

Hem it and turn it into a cocktail dress. If your dress is already cocktail or tea length, then…

Dye it! If you loved your dress then chances are you’ll love it in your favorite color! Wear it to someone else’s wedding!

Make art! Frame a swatch of fabric or a particularly ornate and detailed section of the dress.

Turn it into a quilt or blanket. Some brides save the dress to make baby blankets for their children.

Donate it to the The Brides Project, an organization that raises money for cancer research by selling donated wedding gowns. Good karma!

Use a swatch of it for the cover of your wedding photo album.

Trash it! Have a trash the dress photo shoot — an excellent way to relieve all the wedding stress.

Relive it: Plan a trip on your anniversary every year and bring your dress. You will have so many fabulous photos of you in the dress in fabulous locations.