Good Karma Wedding

Even if your wedding is a relatively small affair, it can still add up to a large cost. If you don’t want to feel like you are dropping a huge amount of money on just one day, you might want to consider taking a charitable approach to your wedding. There are a number of ways for you to give back on your big day:

  • Charity Registry: Instead of registering for gifts, ask your guests to donate to a charity of your choice. Websites like or can help you create your charitable registry.

  • Charity Shower: Your wedding shower, while it need not be completely dedicated to philanthropy, could have a charitable facet to it; each guest could bring five canned goods to be donated.

  • Non Profit Venue: Holding your wedding at a non-profit venue, like a museum or botanical garden, means that the money will go to the embetterment of the foundation.

  • Charity in place of favors: Instead of giving your guests wedding favors, make a small donation in their name to a charity of your choice.

  • Left overs to soup kitchen: While post-consumer food can not be donated, any un-used ingredients can be donated to soup kitchens.

  • Honeymoon destination: Look into charitable funds and organizations in or near the destination of your honeymoon.

  • Donate Dresses: If you don’t have special plans for your wedding dress after the ceremony, consider donating it to, where dresses are resold and the profits go to funding breast cancer research. Bridesmaids dresses can also be donated to organizations like The Glass Slipper Project (in our very own Chicago!) where dresses are given to underprivileged girls who otherwise could not afford a prom or homecoming dress.