Children at the Wedding: Yay, Nay, & How To

The question of whether or not to have children as guests at your wedding is one that all future brides and grooms stumble over during the planning of their nuptials. It’s tricky and there are a number of pros and cons to be considered. Once you have made a decision, it can be difficult to execute it gracefully. Consider these pros, cons, and tips on how to carry out your plans:


1.) It can make for excellent photo opportunities.

2.) Children can liven up the dance floor. Have you ever seen a 3 year old dance?

3.) Tiny dress clothes. Need I say more?

4.) Merging families includes the children, might as well start at Day 1.



1.) Temper tantrums during the vows has a very good chance of ruining the mood.

2.) Your guests may not let loose as much if they have to be accountable for their children.

3.) Perpetually sticky fingers (all over that beautiful white dress!)

4.) Children are unpredictable, which is not a good factor in a day you want to go off without a hitch.

How to go about your decision: If you decide not to have children at your wedding then it is extremely important not to make exceptions. Make sure that it is very clear to all of your guests and to make it clear early on so that arrangements can be made to accommodate their children whom they are leaving at home. If you decide to allow children at the wedding then try to find a caterer that has discounted or free kids meals; many offer this option and it is smart not to waste your fancy wedding meal on them. Additionally, consider having a movie room or play room for children during the reception and hire childcare providers to monitor them so your guests can let loose a bit. If you decide to allow children at the ceremony and not the reception, have a cocktail hour between the two so that parents have time to get their children home then come back to your venue.