Say Yes To The Dress: A How To

A lot of us would be lying if we were to say that we hadn’t ever considered what our wedding day would be like. For women, a lot of that day dreaming energy is spent on imagining the perfect dress. Unfortunately, when the day actually comes to pick out a dress it is often an overwhelming experience. Who knew there are so many shades of white?! Don’t fret, we’ve found some helpful tips to make your dress day stress free.

1.) Consider the location: You will want your dress to be in keeping with the setting of the wedding venue and time. Free and easy beach wedding? A Kate Middleton style train may not be your best bet.

2.) Make sure there is plenty of time: Unlike purchasing any other dress, a wedding dress takes time going from the rack to your closet. It can take up to two months at the manufacturers, and then another two months if it needs to be altered or pressed. Start your wedding dress search 6-9 months before your wedding.

3.) Make a game plan: If you have an idea of what kind of dress you are looking for or even a particular designer you are fond of, call ahead to see which boutiques carry who and what. This will streamline your process much more than going in blind would.

4.) Do your research: We all know the run-of-the-mill dress styles; A-line, cocktail, sun dress. Wedding dresses are a whole other beast. When shopping for your dress you will have words thrown at you that you’ve probably never heard before that will make you wonder if you really did learn that much in high school french. Before going shopping, research different styles, silhouettes, and terms.

5.) Bring Accessories: If you already have your shoes, veil, or jewelry picked out it would be wise to bring them along when picking out your dress. Boutiques often have these items in shop to give brides an idea of what their entire ensemble will look like, but if you already have yours picked out you will get a clearer picture.

6.) Keep an open mind: Wedding dress professionals are just that: professionals. They have dealt with any number of styles, demands, and body types, and they really know their stuff. Keep an open mind when they suggest a dress to you — it may not look like much on the hanger, but filled out it could be perfect!