Treating Your Bridal Party

Ask any woman in her twenties or thirties and chances are she’ll have a bridezilla story for you. Of course, you would never be one of those women… but just to be sure why don’t you read a few ways to avoid being the big green bridal nightmare.

1.) Give them the option: Of course it goes without saying that bring a bridesmaid is not absolutely mandatory. However, it is important that you make your friends feel that way when you ask them to be in your bridal party. Chances are, a number of your friends also have things going on in their lives and may not be able to commit to being a bridesmaid. So, give them the option of opting out and even give them another role at the wedding, like a reading or toast.

2.) Be reasonable about the dress: All of your bridesmaids don’t look the same, so why do all of their dresses have to be uniform? While their should be a unifying color scheme, cut, or pattern throughout, there needn’t be the same dress for each girl.

3.) Keep expenses in mind: Chances are, your bridesmaids are not all in the same place financially, especially if all of your girls are in their 20s. A task that may be a fiscal breeze to one of your bridesmaids may be a bit of a stretch for another. Make sure that the meetups, parties, brunches, or tasks you ask of the girls are in moderation and priced reasonably.

4.) You can not thank them enough: Truly, it is of the utmost importance that you show your gratitude for the work they are putting in to make your big day a success. While being a bridesmaid is certainly an honor, it is also a task and needs to be acknowledged as such. Consider getting each girl a special gift after the fact.