Small Ways to Liven Up Your Event

Having all of your friends and loved ones together for your big day is a big part of what makes your wedding special. Unfortunately, just because you and your fiance know all of those people does not mean that those people know each other. Of course, all of your guests share the common trait of loving you and rejoicing in your union. However, that does not mean that they will have an evening’s worth of conversation topics to keep them afloat during the reception. Wedding I Spy or Wedding Bingo are a fun option for keeping your guests entertained and to help avoid weirdness if the conversation well runs dry.

Of course, not everyone has to participate, but those who choose to would find a sheet at their table in either grid (bingo) or list (I Spy) form. It would list off things that one may commonly see at a wedding. Awkward best man speech? Check. Removing of the garter? Check. Too-drunk uncle saying inappropriate things? Check check check! Even if the game isn’t completed it would still serve as a fun way to get your guests more comfortable and having fun. Think of it as an ice-breaker for your ceremony!