New Spin on an Old Favorite

One wedding tradition has spanned the ages: the guest book. It is fun and practical: your guests can leave sweet and sentimental messages, AND you get to know exactly who was there and their address (which is helpful for those of us without a photographic memory.) Guest books are usually placed at the entrance of the reception so that everyone filing in gets an opportunity to sign. What’s more, your guest book is something you will refer back to for years to come when you are in need of an address — anything that streamlines the Christmas card process is alright in our book.

Recently, a new spin has been put on the wedding — or any event — guest book. Wedding goers and throwers have been enjoying the photo booth guest book; it’s all the fun and practicality of a traditional guest book and then some. Before guests leave their information in the book, they step inside the photo booth and get their strip of photos made. It prints out instantly and guests can paste them into the guest book with provided tools. Just like the old guest book but more creative!

You still get the addresses, the sweet notes, and a list of your guests. Additionally, you get an image of all your guests beaming with happiness for your big day! This type of guest book could also help with thank you notes! Something along the lines of “Dear Caren, thanks for the crock-pot! I can’t wait to make chicken and dumplings. P.S. That dress you wore was fabulous! You have to tell me where you found it.” So, consider this option for your next big event!