Interesting Origins of Wedding Traditions

Weddings are one of the oldest human ceremonies. It goes without saying that there are a number of traditions accompanying them. Some of these traditions have some very interesting and unexpected origins. Here are a few bizarre ones:

Bridesmaids dresses: The earliest evidence of bridesmaid dresses dictates that they were to dress exactly the same as the bride. This way, if there were any evil spirits present they would not be able to determine who was the bride and could not curse them.

Bouquet: Honestly, it did not even occur to us that this was a tradition. Weddings and flowers seem to go hand in hand! Perhaps that is a testament to how deeply rooted this tradition is. Originally, brides would carry a bouquet of dill and garlic down the aisle. This is a common mix of herbs that people would breathe during the plague in order to fend off the illness. It became a sacred combination. Over time, brides became more creative and expanded to a wider range of foliage for their bouquets.

Garter: A very antiquated tradition, the garter originates from a tradition that dictated that a family must check the underthings of a new bride to make sure the wedding had been… ahem… consummated. As this was an enormous invasion of privacy, the tradition had been amended to what it is now; the removal of the bride’s garter. More comfortable for everyone involved.

A lot of wedding traditions that are still practiced today have some rather absurd roots. So, don’t panic and think your union is doomed to fail because you haven’t followed each tradition to the letter. Chances are you’ll be just fine.