5 Bad Wedding Guest Habits

Wedding guests are a blessing at some times and an annoyance at others. You love your family and friends for attending your wedding and supporting you, but there might be some things they do that get on your nerves. Learn to recognize those bad habits and how to correct them here!

Ceremony Photos

You and your spouse-to-be are at the altar and just about to say your vows, when flash! A wedding guest just took your photos. You see spots and try to focus on what you are doing, but your concentration is broken.

Wedding guests might feel the need to take photos, but if you want to make it clear that they should sit back and enjoy the ceremony, ask a wedding attendant to remind guests that no flash photography is allowed when they are being seated. You may also put a note in your wedding program.

Ignoring Place Cards

Weddings that have a reception following their ceremony may include tables with place cards. However, many guests ignore these and sit where they want. This is not good etiquette, as the bride and groom worked hard placing where their guests will sit.

A good solution is, during dinner, to sit at your assigned table, then get up and mingle with guests later. While the bride and groom are likely going to be too busy to remind guests of this, having an MC make announcements or a member of the wedding party remind guests can be helpful!

Dress Code
Guests that ignore the wedding dress may embarrass the bride or groom. When an invite is sent, it’s a good idea to base your dress on the time of day and venue if it is not stated clearly on the invite what guests should wear. You may consider having a wedding attendant be your contact person for questions guests have about the big event.

Scale Back the Theatrics

Some guests behave very inappropriately and end up upstaging the bride and groom. Bad behavior might include proposing at a wedding or drawing attention to oneself at inappropriate times. Having a wedding attendant keep guests in check is a good way to avoid this, but people might be unpredictable anyway! Reminding guests to be mindful of the bride and groom may be a good start to avoiding this type of behavior.

Drunken Antics

Weddings where a relative or friend has a few too many can be difficult. Not only does the bride or groom feel embarrassed, but the guest can get into trouble. Making sure the person serving alcohol is careful not to pour too many for tipsy guests is important to making sure everyone has a fun, but safe, time on the big day.