3 Steps to Great Wedding Lighting

Lighting for your ceremony or reception can take a great deal of planning. If you plan to do it on your own, you may find you have to consider a number of factors you might not have realized when you began wedding planning. Take these three steps and you will be well on your way to great wedding lighting for your ceremony and reception!

Highlight Your Venue’s Assets
Perhaps your venue has a great chandelier or the wall behind the altar at your ceremony has a stylish design you can’t wait to capture. Utilize these existing features as you set your lighting design. Highlighting these areas works great at drawing attention to them and can make for great photos during the event. You might choose to dim the lights to bring guests’ attention to an area, but there are a number of other lighting ideas that can work, such as using colored lights.

Downplay Unattractive Areas
At the same time you are bringing attention to the areas of your venue that look fantastic on their own, draw attention away from those areas you aren’t overly fond of but cannot do much about as a person renting the space. Cover unattractive vents or put a table covered with a table cloth in front of an unsightly heating duct. Use fabric backdrops paired with lights to create an attractive focal point. Hiding or covering these areas temporarily makes your space better and can allow for lighting to focus on other areas that require attention.

Hire a Professional
If you are stressed about planning your event lighting, hire someone else to do it! Many lighting professionals can offer great options that save you time and transform your space into the theme and colors of your choice.

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