Wedding Planning Etiquette

Wedding planning sometimes bring out the best in people, but other times it can bring out the worst. More specifically, learning how to budget your wedding when family members hold the purse strings can cause conflict, frustration and stress.

However, there is hope on the horizon! If your family has say in the wedding because they are helping pay for it, take some of these steps to avoid confusion and headaches down the road.

Plan a Meeting
Before anything is bought, sit down with your family members to discuss the budget in detail. Set limits for big-ticket purchases and plan ahead how many people will attend the wedding ceremony and reception. Taking these precautions can keep everyone on the same page and avoid any one relative from trying to take over planning, as everyone will agree at the meeting to the plans.

Communicate Regularly
A large part of wedding planning includes compromise and communication. If you want something specific for your wedding, talk to your family members and discuss why it is important to you. If an item is bought, let everyone know you have taken care of it so no one buys the item a second time. You will see great success if you keep everyone in check and informed about the costs of the wedding.

Expect Changes
Like it or not, your plans are bound to take a different course. Something is likely to change, for the better or for worse, during the wedding planning process. An idea might not work out well or you have an unexpected cost come up. If you prepare ahead of time with the mindset that you will have to adjust, you will find wedding planning on a budget to be more enjoyable!