Colorful Ideas for Photo Booths

People love the traditional black and white photos taken in photo booths, but colorful photos are a growing trend, too. Take your photos to the next level with these fun ideas to inspire!

Colored Backdrops
A great way to add color to your photo booth pictures is with a pretty backdrop! Create one with decals or find a patterned fabric for your photo booth.

Colored backdrops come with some photo booth packages, but be sure to ask your photo booth attendant what options are available for your event.

Filters in Photo Booths

Getting creative with photo editing can make your photo booth pictures great! Some editing software can include filters that focus on one specific color. For example, if you have pink bouquets in the photo booth pictures, you can focus on that color and make the rest in black and white.

Add Colorful Props

An easy way to add colors to your photo booth experience is through colorful props! Use feather boas and hats to make your pictures memorable and fun! Pick contrasting colors to draw attention to yourself or match your outfit to look sophisticated.