Creative Pin Spot Ideas at School Dances

School dances can find a number of benefits from using pin spotting. Whether it means bringing emphasis to the décor or a specific event in the evening, pin spots are perfect to get guests’ attention. Here are three creative ways to use pin spotting at your next school dance!

Light Up the Dance Floor
Perhaps you are nominating a Homecoming or Prom king and queen. Use a pin spot to bring attention to their dance together. You might also want to use the pin spot to light up the dance floor in general. Add in a number of color options, and you’ve easily transformed your school dance into a nightclub-style event!

Highlight Awards and Recipients
Using pin spotting might be perfect for giving out any awards at your school dance. Perhaps you are celebrating the achievements of school athletes or congratulating students for raising money for a fundraiser. Use pin spots for better photos and to give the recipients the recognition they deserve.

Emphasize Performers

Many school dances host DJ’s and other performers, such as live bands. Use pin spots to brig focus to them. You might want to do this during a key point during the school dance or put the spotlight on them throughout the night.