Great Groomsmen Tips

If your close friend gets married, he may ask you to be a groomsman in his wedding. Groomsmen are typically men, but women can also take part as wedding attendants on the groom’s side. Groomsmen play a vital role in the wedding party.

Here are some keys tips groomsmen must follow in order to be their best for the wedding.

Bachelor Party Prep
Groomsmen typically help organize the bachelor party with the best man. Bachelor parties can be wild affairs or quiet settings at someone’s house. Helping plan the bachelor party is a key task groomsmen might do, and it might involve renting a photo booth, going out on the town, or throwing a big party that includes a high-quality DJ.

Wedding Feedback and Suggestions
Another key duty groomsmen must do is providing help to the groom when he needs it. This might involve giving your opinion on the tuxedo selection, helping the groom with his pre-wedding jitters, or do tasks he needs your help doing. It is typical for groomsmen to attend the rehearsal and the dinner that follows it where they spend time celebrating the upcoming wedding with the rest of the wedding party.

Wedding Day Assistance 
The day of the wedding means groomsmen have many responsibilities. Some might include seating the guests if there are no ushers, or making sure the groom makes it to the ceremony on time and with his tux. During the ceremony, the groomsman stands up with the groom as he weds his bride.

Post-Wedding Duties
The groomsman’s role in the wedding does not end once the bride and groom’s ceremony is over. Groomsmen must be present for many of the photos of the wedding party, as well as help guests feel welcome and answer questions from guests that need help finding something, are unsure of the timeline of events at the reception, or who look like they could use someone to speak with during the event.

Groomsmen must be dependable, flexible and helpful members of any wedding party. No matter when or where the celebration takes place, following these tips can help groomsmen excel and make the groom happy with his choice!